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Announcement of merger:

It is with great pride, I announce the merger of MAST Solutions and PPI Security (ppisecurity.com).


PPI Security, headed by Tony Leal — retired Chief of the Texas Rangers and former Assistant Director of DPS, is a security company that specializes in Executive Protection, PPO, investigations and so much more.  Our core competencies — MAST with training and PPI with executive protection — meet in the middle with phenomenal potential and excellent synergy.


This merger will enhance your membership privileges, add to your training agility, and increase the services that we provide for you. You will now be an important part of the strength and integrity of PPI as we continue to grow and move forward.


As current MAST Members, you are locked into the current rates for membership, and will enjoy the many additional benefits that this merger brings.


Our headquarters is located on Delores and Fountain View.  We are developing and building a training center located on the second floor to accommodate our current and future indoor classroom needs.“


Matthew Brockmann, MAST Solutions – Founder / President

Matthew Brockmann, PPI Security Training Center- CTO

Click below to go to our new training calendar on PPISecurity.com.